Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Days 27-33...playing catch up

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but like I said in my other blog, I have either been really busy or just plain tuckered out. This little baby must really be growing because she's pretty much sucking the energy right out of me...LOL!'s the pictures from the last week....
{Day 27}Tuesday I had a very important doctors appointment. The appointment was originally scheduled for Monday, then I asked to have it changed to Wednesday so that way I didn't have to take any kids with me. Then, they ended up switching it back to Tuesday, and then on Monday they called me and had to switch the time of the appointment. UGH...if it weren't for my planner I would have been so confused. I rely on my planner so much, especially right now with all my appointments and stuff with the kids. My mom got me this one for Christmas and I love it.
{Day 28}I spent most of the day Wednesday cleaning my house because I was having some very special company over the next day. I was pretty tired by the end of the day and it wasn't as good as I know it could have been, but it was presentable...if only it would stay clean my life would be so much easier...LOL!
{Day 29}Thursday was a very special day for me. My BFF, Hannah, came down for the weekend and she spent the entire day with me! We planned on working on some scrapbooking projects, and even though we got all our stuff out, we spent more time talking and catching up. We have not spent time together like that for almost a year, so it was way over due. Later in the evening, my bible study ladies took a trip to Saginaw to see a friend who has been in the hospital on bed rest for 10 weeks (she's due one day before me with twins!) and Hannah went with us. We had more great conversations all the way there and all the way back. We talk often on the internet but it's just not the same as face to face. I am so grateful that we were able to spend time together. She is so special and I love her so much!!
{Day 30}I had a great day Thursday, but with all the fun and excitement I was plum tuckered out on Friday!! I pretty much put myself on bed rest and layed on the couch all day watching tv or playing on the computer. It felt good to just relax for a day!
{Day 31}My husband has been using my van to go work the last week because his truck is basically a pile, so I had to wait till Saturday to get groceries...I am not really fond of grocery shopping on Saturday to put it nicely, but it worked out pretty good this time. My MIL needed to go to Saginaw, so after I got groceries, I met her for lunch and the we headed to the mall. She bought me two nursing pajamas and an adorable snowsuit for the baby. This is Michigan, so I'm sure it will still be chilly (if not freezing) when baby arrives. I had been looking for something for her, and when we saw this we just HAD to have it. It's so soft and cuddly.
{Day 32}Super Bowl Sunday...the best Super Bowl ever??? I guess I wouldn't know...I fell asleep half way through half time...but this is my view of the tv from the couch...when my eyes were open anyway.
{Day 33}Mondays and I just don't get along for some reason. I was kind of feeling blue yesterday even though the sun was shining and the weather was nice. So, I decided to make some comfort food. I had a few ripe bananas and blueberries that needed to be used. After a quick search on the internet I found the perfect recipe. It was so quick and easy and the results were delicious. I will definitely be making this one again.
Guess that about does it...I'm all caught up...phew!

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Hannah said...

great post! it's about time you caught up!! ;)

love you too!