Monday, January 26, 2009

Day26 {365}

Despite my restful day yesterday I am really dragging today. I had a lot that I needed to get done, but had no motivation what-so-ever. So, I decided since I didn't feel like doing any housework, why not scrap a little? I finished up the baby calender that my mom gave me today. It turned out so cute, but of course I made a big mess! (You should see my floor...yikes!)

Days 23-25 {365}

Day 23...Friday
Friday night our cousins, Alex and Raemy, came over for dinner. They are expecting their first baby in May and they are also having a little girl. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of our ever growing bellies! It's not the best picture (of me anyway) but you get the point...I'm huge and she is just plain cute! I can't wait till we are both holding our precious little girls...I just know they are going to be the best of friends!
Day 24...Saturday
My MIL bought the girls a really cute dresser for their bedroom. Of course it came with "some assembly required"...well actually the whole thing needed to be put together and took nearly all day! I had to be sneaky with the camera, but here is a pick of my hubby taking his break. Apparently he seems to think he was putting together a foot stool...LOL!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Day 25....Sunday
Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. I went to church and we studied out of the book of Nehemiah. Then I came home and made lunch, played on the computer, took a 2 hr nap, made dinner, gave the kids a bath, and then chilled out in front of the t.v. the rest of the night. Not to bad if you ask me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

day 22 {365} My Christmas Present...finally

My dear sweet husband decided to buy me a remote start for my van as my Christmas gift, but like a typical man he waited until the last minute to get it. He went to the car shop on December 23rd about 5 at night and of course they told him there was no way they could get it put in until well after Christmas. So, he got a gift certificate so I could get it done later. Well, apparently lots of wives got remote starts because I wasn't able to get an appointment until January 21st to get it put in!! We had all those cold days and every time I would think to myself how nice a remote start would have been right about then...LOL! And of course I had to tease my hubby and remind him that the gift certificate was doing a poor job of warming up my car for me! But now it's in and I absolutely love it!! I guess since I have that now I can tolerate winter for a bit longer!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 21{365} Time Keeps on Tickin'

Yesterday I went in for my 3 hr glucose test...check out my other blog for more info..anyway, I had to fast for 12 hrs before the test and for 3 1/2 hours during the test. They drew my blood every hour on the hour, so needless to say I watched the clock a lot!! Surprisingly enough the time passed quickly and I survived...I didn't starve to death like I thought I might...LOL! Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for good results!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20...A Day in History

Today, our 44th president was sworn into office. Obviously I did not take this picture, but it is something significant that has happened this year and something that will always be a part of our history. I know a lot of people are worried about this man being the leader of our country, but I feel that it is what it is. The only thing we can do now is pray that God will give him wisdom to do what is best for us and our country. And despite any ones political views it is a day to be remembered. It shows that no dream is too big and that all things are possible.

Day 19- Hanging out

Monday the kids didn't have school. We really had a relaxing day. First we took Sam to the doctors for his check up. Then we had lunch at Mcy D's. We also made a stop at Target to check out their clearance deals. After we got home I got some scrapbooking done. I'm working on the baby calender that my mom got me for Christmas. The kids were a little tired so they decided to pop in a movie and chill out on the floor. I just thought it was so cute how they we all cuddled up together...that doesn't always happen :)

Day 18- Baking with Grandma

Sunday we spent the day over at my mother-in-laws house. She love having her family over on the weekends. She especially loves spending time with her grand babies. Of course, she always makes us a great meal too. This day we all thought cookies sounded good, so grandma and the girls decided to whip some up. She is so wonderful about letting the kids help and they love it. Here they are mixing the ingredients in the mixer. They each took turns scraping the bowl and turning the mixer on and off. Then they each got to scoop the dough onto the cookie sheet. They are good little bakers. The cookies were delicious and it didn't take long before they were gone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

15-17/365...I've been a busy girl

I'm beginning to see a pattern here...every 3 days...but hey, at least I'm being consistent...LOL!
Day 15-Thursday
I had a few doctor's appointments to go to Thursday. My dad watched Sammy for me since it was so bitterly cold out. So, in between appointments I decided to run into JoAnne's for a glue pen that I needed. But as most of you scrapper's and crafters can relate, you can't get just one thing. They had clear stamp sets on sale, some really cute $1 clear stamps and ink pads for 50 cents. I just couldn't resist!! Here's my loot.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Day 16-Friday
Friday I decided to re-organize my bedroom/scrap room or rather scrap room/bedroom. The baby will be sleeping in there with us and it has been driving me crazy trying to figure out how to fit everything in our tiny room. Yes, this could be considered nesting. What can I say...I'm a planner. Surprisingly enough I made it work. I ended up turning my closet into a nice storage area for the majority of my scrap supplies and the rest are either on my desk or that turquoise shelf in the corner. I did empty one shelf for the baby though...yay me! Just for fun, here is the end result...our baby girls "nursery!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Day 17-SaturdayWhat's for breakfast? This is one of our usual weekend breakfasts. Homemade egg muffins. They are quick and easy to make and oh so yummy!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

14/365...Baby Love

Okay, okay...I'm sure you've all seen a lot of prego mama's do the heart with their hands on the belly picture, but I didn't want to be left out so here is my take on it...stretch marks and all. I am 28 weeks now and in the third trimester...we are almost there!!

p.s. this is the only time you will see my bare belly ;) promise!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up...Days 11-13/365

Yikes...I'm a few days behind, but the good news is I have remembered to take a picture, or two, everyday...YAY me!!
Day 11
During the wonderful visit with my dearest friend, Hannah, we some how came across the subject of hot pads. I mentioned that I was in dire need of some new ones because mine were pretty pathetic looking. She said her grandma had made a TON of them and that she had a whole suit case full so she'd be glad to share. Now, hot pads are not something that one would normally get excited over, but I was. They are just one of those things that you never buy for yourself, mostly because you don't think about them until you go to use one. Anyway, Hannah came over to Annabelle's party and brought me a few pairs of them. They are sooo pretty. {She actually got them from her mom's house since she was visiting there for the weekend so just want to say a quick thanks to Colleen!!} Here is a picture of me using one on Day 11...please don't mind my cookie sheet...i am dire need of a new one of those too...anybody have any spare they'd like to pass my way???
Day 12Andy (my DH) laughed at me when I took this picture. He thought maybe I was going to use it as proof that I actually did laundry for once...whatever!!! So, I (once again) had to explain to him Project 365 and that this just happened to be what my day consisted of so that's why I was taking this picture. He said he wanted me to email it to him so he could always remember the day his wife did laundry...what a stinker!
Day 13
Today I was actually able to do something that I just love...scrapbook!! Well, I didn't actually doing any layouts today, but I made a special journal for my SIL, Haley. She has the cutest, sweetest, little girl who always keeps us laughing. Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with the things she says. She is just way to smart for only being two years old. My MIL is always telling us that we need to write down the things our kids say because it's so easy to forget. When Haley and I went shopping together the other day she was looking for a journal but didn't find one she liked. Yesterday, when I was cleaning my room it hit me...I could make her a journal!! So, here I am working my little heart out.
And here is the finished project. The tabs on the side spell out 'memories' and I also made a book mark so she can find her last entry easily. I really like how it turned out and I'm sure she will too. If she were to write down all the cute and funny things her daughter says it won't take her long to fill it!
Well, that's it until tomorrow {or the next day maybe} I am all caught up...YAY!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

10/365...A very special day

Yesterday was a very special day because I was able to visit with my best friend!! Although we keep in touch via e-mail or our blogs, we have not seen each other in person in almost a year. She lives a few hours away so getting together is not easy. Today though, our cousins had a baby shower so we got to spend a few hours together. Then, after the shower we had my oldest daughter's birthday party and she came over for that. I am so happy that I got to see her although it reminds me just how much I truly miss her. The time passes way to quickly whenever we do have a chance to visit.
{Love you sis....can't wait till the next time <3}

Friday, January 9, 2009


My SIL and I try to meet once a week at the mall for lunch, some much needed adult conversation, and to let the kids play together. It's been well over a month though since we've had a chance to do this. Mostly because of the holidays, Christmas break and illness. But, finally, today we were able to get together. It was a lot of fun and much needed by both of us. It felt so good to just be out of the house and getting some exercise walking around. Even though we have seen each other throughout the holidays, it just wasn't the same. We had lunch first and then headed to Barnes and Nobles so the kids could play with the train. It's something that we always do when we meet up. The kids just love playing with the train and it gives us some more girl time!! I decided this would be my picture of the day since it is so much a part of our lives!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I love to if you didn't know! I also love, love, love paper!!! I sort of have a bad obsession with it actually. I can't resist buying a new pack of pretty paper...although I have resisted, it wasn't because I wanted too...LOL! My mom got me a Michael's gift card for Christmas and guess what I bought! I usually take it home and open it right away, but with all that's been going on I just got to it tonight. I love it and cannot wait to use it...isn't it peerrrttty???


Yesterday I planned on taking a picture of my ever growing belly because I hit the 27 week mark, but I have something a little more exciting to post. As most of you know, I am pregnant with my 4th child, which means the majority of my baby supplies are well..."loved." So, that means that I need a few new things including a new car seat and a new stroller. I have been looking at different strollers and had found one that I really, really liked. But, of course I've been holding off getting it until after the holidays. Well, yesterday, I just happened to be at Target and they have a lot of their baby stuff on clearance. Sure enough, there was my stroller marked $52.00 cheaper!! My mom had given me money for Christmas so I was able to get it...and it was the last one too!! I was sooooo excited!! It's a 'sit-n-stand' stroller. The back seat comes off which leaves a bench type seat for older kids to sit on (like Sammy) or he could also stand and face forward. The infant seat will attach on the front seat. Sammy had to test it out and he loved it!! It's much lighter than my old double stroller and will be much easier for me and Sammy to it has cup holders!! I know that is a silly thing to be excited about, but when you go without them for 6 years it's a good thing! Now...just need the carseat...and the baby!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last week my whole family was sick with one thing or another. Now, I'm the sick one. It stinks being sick, but it really stinks being sick and pregnant!! I pretty much just laid on the couch all day yesterday. About the only thing I did manage to do was throw some stuff in the crock pot to make chicken and dumplings. I know this picture does not look that appetizing, but it was very good and the kids gobbled it up! Some days I'm pretty sure my family wouldn't eat if it weren't for my crock pot....I LOVE IT!

If you'd like to give this recipe a try here it is....
*Mix 2 cans of cream of CHICKEN soup with one can of milk and one bag of frozen peas (or mixed veggies-whatever you have)
*Put a little bit in bottom of crock pot
*Add a few pieces of frozen skinless chicken breast, add more soup mixture, more chicken, rest of soup on top.
*Cook on low for 4-6 hrs.
*In the last hour cut up a tube of biscuits on place on top...recover and let them "bake"

*I used 4 large pcs of chicken, but if you need more just add another can of soup and 1/2 can milk...I also shred the chicken with a fork right before i put the biscuits on (makes it easier for the kids to eat!) Enjoy!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Today is my daughter's 8th birthday so of course I have the camera out and ready...but I decided that instead of the traditional birthday picture I would post something a little different..something that I wouldn't normally have taken a picture of. She got a lot of phone calls from family today wishing her a happy birthday! She is not much of a talker, but she sure enjoyed hearing from everybody...some of them even sang to her. I can't believe she is 8 years old already. I remember being 8 myself! She is such a sweetie and we love her so much!
Finally...Days 1-4 of Project 365
Okay...I'm a little late at getting this thing going, but I have taken a picture everyday so far. I started the challenge, Project 365, on January 1, 2009. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have captured my life in 365 pictures. It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but I love taking pictures and now I have the perfect reason to do so!
January 1, 2009What a way to start out the new the emergency room with my 3 year old son. The night before we went to our cousins birthday party/new year's eve party. We knew Sammy had a cold, but something about him was just not right. So, the next morning my MIL called and said she thought Sammy might have pneumonia so I'd better take him in. Sure enough, after having an x-ray done it showed pneumonia in his left lung. He also had a little bit of impetigo on his upper lip. So, my picture is of Sammy's medicine. Happy New Year!
January 2, 2009The next day none of the kids really felt that great, so I decided to take down the tree so we could pull out the sofa bed and have a movie day. Well, the kids got a movie day...I spent the day disinfecting the house! FUN...NOT!
January 3, 2009Saturday Andy watched the kids so I could get out of the house for a bit. I didn't want to be gone to long so I just went up town to get some snacks. While at the store I couldn't resist looking at the baby clothes and found this adorable onsie. I thought Andy would like so I just HAD to get it.
January 4, 2009Coupon Day!!! There are 2 things I look forward to on and COUPONS!!! Of course I wasn't able to go to church this week because of Sammy being sick and the roads were pure ice, but luckily Andy was willing to make the trip to the store for me to get my coupons...what a good hubby!