Monday, January 5, 2009

Finally...Days 1-4 of Project 365
Okay...I'm a little late at getting this thing going, but I have taken a picture everyday so far. I started the challenge, Project 365, on January 1, 2009. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have captured my life in 365 pictures. It seems a bit overwhelming at first, but I love taking pictures and now I have the perfect reason to do so!
January 1, 2009What a way to start out the new the emergency room with my 3 year old son. The night before we went to our cousins birthday party/new year's eve party. We knew Sammy had a cold, but something about him was just not right. So, the next morning my MIL called and said she thought Sammy might have pneumonia so I'd better take him in. Sure enough, after having an x-ray done it showed pneumonia in his left lung. He also had a little bit of impetigo on his upper lip. So, my picture is of Sammy's medicine. Happy New Year!
January 2, 2009The next day none of the kids really felt that great, so I decided to take down the tree so we could pull out the sofa bed and have a movie day. Well, the kids got a movie day...I spent the day disinfecting the house! FUN...NOT!
January 3, 2009Saturday Andy watched the kids so I could get out of the house for a bit. I didn't want to be gone to long so I just went up town to get some snacks. While at the store I couldn't resist looking at the baby clothes and found this adorable onsie. I thought Andy would like so I just HAD to get it.
January 4, 2009Coupon Day!!! There are 2 things I look forward to on and COUPONS!!! Of course I wasn't able to go to church this week because of Sammy being sick and the roads were pure ice, but luckily Andy was willing to make the trip to the store for me to get my coupons...what a good hubby!

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Drama queens mum said...

Hi. I love coupons too. I'm here from the Cafemom group. I'm doing the 365 project too.