Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last week my whole family was sick with one thing or another. Now, I'm the sick one. It stinks being sick, but it really stinks being sick and pregnant!! I pretty much just laid on the couch all day yesterday. About the only thing I did manage to do was throw some stuff in the crock pot to make chicken and dumplings. I know this picture does not look that appetizing, but it was very good and the kids gobbled it up! Some days I'm pretty sure my family wouldn't eat if it weren't for my crock pot....I LOVE IT!

If you'd like to give this recipe a try here it is....
*Mix 2 cans of cream of CHICKEN soup with one can of milk and one bag of frozen peas (or mixed veggies-whatever you have)
*Put a little bit in bottom of crock pot
*Add a few pieces of frozen skinless chicken breast, add more soup mixture, more chicken, rest of soup on top.
*Cook on low for 4-6 hrs.
*In the last hour cut up a tube of biscuits on place on top...recover and let them "bake"

*I used 4 large pcs of chicken, but if you need more just add another can of soup and 1/2 can milk...I also shred the chicken with a fork right before i put the biscuits on (makes it easier for the kids to eat!) Enjoy!


Callie Michelle said...

I'm sorry you guys are so sick. This recipie sound delicious... I'll have to give it a try! Get better soon!!

Melody said...

Jen, I have been looking for a simple Chicken and Dumpling receipe for ages! My sister makes them from scratch and keeps "promising" to teach me...but I am so EXCITED to try your receipe! Thanks!