Friday, January 23, 2009

day 22 {365} My Christmas Present...finally

My dear sweet husband decided to buy me a remote start for my van as my Christmas gift, but like a typical man he waited until the last minute to get it. He went to the car shop on December 23rd about 5 at night and of course they told him there was no way they could get it put in until well after Christmas. So, he got a gift certificate so I could get it done later. Well, apparently lots of wives got remote starts because I wasn't able to get an appointment until January 21st to get it put in!! We had all those cold days and every time I would think to myself how nice a remote start would have been right about then...LOL! And of course I had to tease my hubby and remind him that the gift certificate was doing a poor job of warming up my car for me! But now it's in and I absolutely love it!! I guess since I have that now I can tolerate winter for a bit longer!


Hannah said...

Remote start is AWESOME!! I don't know what I'd do without mine...(well, yes I do, I'd freeze!) You're going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Where was this when my girls were babies?! Nick put one in Ashley's car several winters ago and it's been such a blessing. Makes me feel so much better when James leaves at night knowing he's going from a warm house to a warm car!