Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up...Days 11-13/365

Yikes...I'm a few days behind, but the good news is I have remembered to take a picture, or two, everyday...YAY me!!
Day 11
During the wonderful visit with my dearest friend, Hannah, we some how came across the subject of hot pads. I mentioned that I was in dire need of some new ones because mine were pretty pathetic looking. She said her grandma had made a TON of them and that she had a whole suit case full so she'd be glad to share. Now, hot pads are not something that one would normally get excited over, but I was. They are just one of those things that you never buy for yourself, mostly because you don't think about them until you go to use one. Anyway, Hannah came over to Annabelle's party and brought me a few pairs of them. They are sooo pretty. {She actually got them from her mom's house since she was visiting there for the weekend so just want to say a quick thanks to Colleen!!} Here is a picture of me using one on Day 11...please don't mind my cookie sheet...i am dire need of a new one of those too...anybody have any spare they'd like to pass my way???
Day 12Andy (my DH) laughed at me when I took this picture. He thought maybe I was going to use it as proof that I actually did laundry for once...whatever!!! So, I (once again) had to explain to him Project 365 and that this just happened to be what my day consisted of so that's why I was taking this picture. He said he wanted me to email it to him so he could always remember the day his wife did laundry...what a stinker!
Day 13
Today I was actually able to do something that I just love...scrapbook!! Well, I didn't actually doing any layouts today, but I made a special journal for my SIL, Haley. She has the cutest, sweetest, little girl who always keeps us laughing. Sometimes I wonder where she comes up with the things she says. She is just way to smart for only being two years old. My MIL is always telling us that we need to write down the things our kids say because it's so easy to forget. When Haley and I went shopping together the other day she was looking for a journal but didn't find one she liked. Yesterday, when I was cleaning my room it hit me...I could make her a journal!! So, here I am working my little heart out.
And here is the finished project. The tabs on the side spell out 'memories' and I also made a book mark so she can find her last entry easily. I really like how it turned out and I'm sure she will too. If she were to write down all the cute and funny things her daughter says it won't take her long to fill it!
Well, that's it until tomorrow {or the next day maybe} I am all caught up...YAY!


Alayna said...

what a terrific use for a journal. I'm going to have to write that down and figure out who I want to give one to :)

Hannah said...

love the photo of Grammy's hot pads! They are awesome aren't they! I just love them! I'm so glad mom and I were able to share...I know that you'll put them to good use...let me know when the wear out!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I recognize those pot-holders! YAY!! There is no one I would rather share with. Don't tell anyone, but I still have close to 20 pair stashed away. :o) Gotta love mother-in-"love"s. LOVE the journal you made Halley and the purpose she will use it for. You and Hannah and the many others doing this 365 Project - it's a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing your life with the rest of us.